1. Task related to administration, management and financial.
  2. City and recreational cleanliness.
  3. Arrange, control and plan for development and building in Council areas.
  4. Increase the number of road, public places, residential and numbering houses.
  5. Install street lamps and conduct maintenance of traffic lights.
  6. Implement a control and regulation of building and public places' work.
  7. Arrange and control traffic in Council area.
  8. Build and maintain public places and public facilities such as markets, bus stops, taxis, stalls and etc.
  9. Take care of public health and disease control.
  10. Process and issue business, advertisement and public markets' license.
  11. Analyze, evaluate and provide real estate value lists and property rate in Council area.
  12. Control and supervise the privatize system of solid waste management.
  13. Ensure collection amount from renting Council's building by fixing a rate of building rent.